How I Can Help

Most of my counseling clients are seeking therapeutic help for issues related to their relationships, parenting or their ability to manage stress and anxiety. They find themselves repeating the same patterns, and feeling frustrated, tense and maybe even hopeless.

Many people I work with are feeling:

  • Stuck in unfulfilling relationships
  • Difficulty in communicating with significant others
  • Uncertain about whether or not to stay in a relationship
  • Discouraged by the dating scene
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Overwhelmed by stress
  • Unable to manage a crisis
  • Frustrated with their career
  • In need of guidance on parenting
  • Concerned about work/life balance
  • Distraught from a recent break up

Individual Counseling

Therapy will help you transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. With my guidance, I can help you overcome obstacles to make positive,

lasting changes.

Couples Counseling

Marriage therapy will teach you tools to strengthen your relationship.  I can help you discover more effective ways of interacting that lead to a more satisfying relationship

Parent Consulting

The everyday demands of family life can overwhelm most parents. I can help you manage parenting challenges and learn strategies to become the parent you want to be.

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